Advertise on PizzaTweetup

PizzaTweetup attracts a fresh and gratifying audience of Pizza Lovers around the world. If you are looking to get the word out for your restaurant, pizza, pizza making equipment, delivery etc - anything that appeals to this audience - but don't exactly have the big numbers written on your budget, then PizzaTweetup is the platform to reach out to them.


* Exposure to thousands of interested and responsive visitors.
* Great chance to brand your company.
* Equates to exceptionally low CPM.
* No fixed or minimum terms — can be terminated at any time.

125×125 Button Sponsorship

* Status: 8 spots available.
* 125×125 static ad image/logo.
* Prominently placed in the ‘Sponsors’ section (bottom of page).
* Visible on all pages of the website.
* Link to your desired location, can contain referal and tracking codes.
* Subject to tens of thousands of impressions on a traditional campaign (note: no minimum term).

Other Opportunities

If you have any other potential offers or opportunities, we would love to consider it.

Interested? Contact Lapp to inquire about specific stats and pricing.